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Dream Foundations

The foundation determines the strength of the building. Why and how you approach your dreams and their interpretation determines the trust you can put in them for guidance. Join John E. Thomas as he explores these essential foundations to a solid understanding of your dreams! This  resource includes four messages:

Disc 1
Message 1: Unique Journey
Message 2: Relationship Tools

Disc 2
Message 3: Is That From God?
Message 4: RSVP

Dream Elements: An Alternative Dream Dictionary

by John E. Thomas


An alternative dream dictionary?

What does that mean?
Many dreams are night parables—stories with special meaning. One essential step in understanding these stories is figuring out what the individual elements mean. What does the whale mean? What about the underwater car?
But dream elements don’t always have 
the same meaning every time.
Where most dream dictionaries tell you what to think about the different elements, Dream Elements by John E. Thomas tells you how to think about them. An element can change depending on the context, so learning how to think metaphorically is an important key when you want to know the true meaning of your dreams.
This book is filled with potential meanings of common dream elements, but it also shows you how to think about dream elements in general. So the next time you dream—whether the elements are found in this book or not—you will have a much better chance of determining what your dream means.

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The Original Dream Card

"Do you know what the number 111 means? How about 888? Can you list the 20 types of dreams?

You're going to love this handy, colorful quick-reference card. It's designed to give you a starting point when stuck trying to understand what your dream means. Sized to fit neatly in a book, this laminated card travels with you for immediate use anywhere. On the front and back, you'll find some of the most common dream symbols and helpful questions to decipher what your dream means."

The 20 Categories of Dreams Study Card

This study card explains the different types of dreams God gives—or allows—and what His purpose is for each of these types of dreams in a convenient, quick reference format.

Top 20 Dream Card


Would you know how to interpret this?

What about dreams of ALLIGATORS or STORMS?

The Top 20 Dream Card represents the most common types of dreams an interpreter will encounter. Content fills both sides of this heavy duty laminated card! One of the most requested dream cards!"

Biblical vs. Secular Dream Card

This study card outlines side-by-side the vast differences between a Biblical model of dream interpretation and a secular model (Freud, Jung, Gestalt).

Color Spectrum Dream Card

A vibrant, visual reference card for students who have completed John Paul’s Understanding Dreams & Visions course—highlighting the additive, subtractive and artist color spectrums and their connection to our soul and spirit.

Moments with God: Dream Journal

John Paul Jackson's unique approach to dream recording will help you gain rewarding spiritual insights into your nightly adventures with God. Included in this journal:(list) A 25 page overview on dreams Three color wheels Sample journal entries designed to help you record your dreams. Extra pages of specially designed forms to illustrate and interpret your dreams. A Dream vocabulary section to extend your knowledge and understanding of dreams.

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The 20 Categories of Dreams Book

In this 127-page book you will be given detailed descriptions, Biblical and contemporary examples, and actions that can be taken for each of the 20 categories of dreams God gives.

Dreams to Reach Your Destiny (Prophetic and Revelatory Dreams, Calling Dreams, Courage Dreams, Direction Dreams, Inventions Dreams,Word of Knowledge Dreams.)
Dreams to Change Your Path (Correction Dreams, Warning Dreams, Self-Condition Dreams.)
Dreams for Healing and Transformation (Healing Dreams, Deliverance Dreams, Flushing Dreams)
Dreams from the Enemy (Dark Dreams, False Dreams, Fear Dreams)
Dreams We Cause to Be Dreamed (Soul Dreams)
Dreams to Train You in Spiritual Obedience (Spiritual Warfare, Intercession Dreams)
Dreams Caused by Changes in Your Body (Chemical Dreams, Body Dreams)

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Top 20 Dreams Book

In the Top 20 Dreams Book, the first in a series we’re calling the Dream Themes Collection, John Paul shares the meaning of 20 commonly-occurring dreams. Discover the typical meanings of these dreams, how to look for details and context that will modify the dream’s meaning, and steps you can take to act on each dream when they occur.

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Biblical Model of Dream Interpretation - MP3

Experience the impact of a correctly interpreted dream! Why do Gestalt, Freudian, and Jungian interpretation methods not work for dreams from God? Learn why secular models of dream interpretation fall short in giving eternal meaning to the dreams God gives you.

Essentials of Dreams and Visions

Almost six hours of power-packed teaching that covers core topics like dreams in the Bible, why dreams are symbolic, the fundamentals of interpretation, and over 180 common dream elements and their meaning.